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Sarah, mother of Archie and Ella:

“I was recommended to Maggie for help with my 9-year-old son Archie. He was becoming out of control, shouting and swearing virtually every time I said no... At times he had even hit me.

Our family had been through a difficult time five years ago when my husband Ben was diagnosed with cancer.  I had no idea that it had affected the children so much, as Archie was only 4 at the time. In the sessions he was able to tell us he was worried that daddy’s cancer might come back and we saw how much reassurance he needed.

Maggie also helped Ben and me be firmer with Archie but without losing control ourselves. We started to support one another more and be able to think together  how to respond to Archie’s challenges. This made such a difference to our parenting and subsequently Archie is a much happier boy.”

Stephanie and Chris:

“I want to thank Maggie for getting Chris and me back on track. We had been married for twenty years with two teenage daughters but recently we had started to argue about just about everything, particularly over how to manage the girls. I could see how unhappy it was making them as well as us.

Maggie was very calm and patient and did not take sides. She helped us see that our very different histories and cultures made us see the world through very different lenses, including how to bring up the girls.

Talking this  through without arguing or getting defensive helped us understand where we were each coming   from  and  instead of criticising we began   to support one another. This has brought us much closer together and I know the girl appreciate the calmer atmosphere at home.”

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