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Specialist court work: consultations, assessment and therapeutic services for family work requested by courts and local authorities

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Maggie is an experienced systemic family psychotherapist.  In her NHS practice she teaches and trains, and undertakes clinical work at the internationally renowned Tavistock Centre.

In her private practice she provides assessments and reports for the Family Courts in child care and contact cases. She carries out effective therapeutic interventions in adoption, fostering and care cases. She has worked in the statutory and voluntary sector with children and families in different contexts, including court mandated assessment and treatment work in complex child protection cases. She has appeared as an Expert Witness in Court proceedings.

Maggie has  worked for the Anna Freud Court assessment service and appeared as an expert witness in court proceedings. In cases of particular complexity and risk Maggie works with a colleague, Esther Usiskin Cohen, Consultant Systemic/Family Psychotherapist.

Maggie’s specialist assessments include:

This therapeutic support  covers a wide range of areas: family mediation, relationships and couple work, attachment work, protective behaviour work and work on surviving sexual and domestic abuse.

Maggie sometimes works with her colleague Esther Usiskin Cohen on family work. You can find Esther’s website here: